We have been extremely busy here at Scribe with your year end queries so please do bear with us if you can while we respond to everyone! 

In the meantime here are some top tips based on our most frequent requests.

  • Make sure you have closed the previous year’s accounts and copied the annual returns data to the next financial year otherwise this will bring up an error message on your AGAR with no data in the 18/19 column.
  • Ensure that you have allocated within your cost codes for staff costs, precept and capital costs the correct type so that these feed through to the correct boxes on the AGAR. This can be completed within set up/cost codes. Any codes that would be included in other payments or other receipts can be left as ‘Default’.
  • If working on an Income and Expenditure basis ensure that before you run your annual return you click on ‘calculate’ or any changes or updates you have made will not take effect.
  • Once you have completed your year end you can close your accounts straight away. This will prevent any changes being made in error should you log into the wrong year! Once your audit is complete should any changes need to be made you can simply reopen the year and make your amendments and then close again.

You can visit our help centre with plenty of articles, including a section entitled Year End Help

A printable tick list is available here to ensure that you successfully complete all the steps required to complete year end

If you are still struggling or have any questions please feel free to get in touch.