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Streamlining Cemetery Management with Comprehensive Record Keeping

Streamline the complexities of the cemetery administration. Never Misplace or Lose a Record Again.

Embrace the future of cemetery management with Scribe Cemetery, a solution that addresses the challenges of today and prepares you for the demands of tomorrow.
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Making the transition from
traditional to digital effortless

With Scribe Cemetery, managing plots, burials, cremations, memorials, and exclusive rights becomes a seamless process.

Our solution digitises complex tasks, equipping you with comprehensive record management, accessible anywhere, anytime.

Scribe Cemetery enables accurate tracking of grave details, contacts, green forms, grave digging procedures, and exclusive rights, all in one place. It also features intuitive mapping, a detailed reporting system, and inspection tools for effective cemetery management.
Plus. with integrated invoicing and payment status tracking, financial management becomes effortless. Transitioning to Scribe Cemetery means more time for what truly matters - serving your community.
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"Really great company, excellent customer service, query handling, expertise and speedy support whenever requested. We use the accounts, cemetery and allotment packages, we're satisfied and would definitely recommend Scribe."
February 2023 - Hannah
"I am using Scribe for Accounts and Cemetery and find the system very easy to use and information is easily found. The training and support is excellent and there's always someone to help with whatever type of query you have."
March 2023 - Clerk
"Both Parish Councils I clerk for use Scribe, it's fantastic! Easy to use, customer service is second to none, there is always a friendly voice on the end of the phone, and they will help with the most minor problem, or major! Training is excellent, with lots of workshops to help. Wouldn't use anyone else."
January 2023 - Angela
"First class response times from expert staff. No question is too silly and help is always on hand. I am offered zoom calls to help my understanding as a new customer and the teething troubles have been few and far between. I recommend SCRIBE at least once a week to fellow Clerks."
January 2023 - Addingham Parish Council
"As a larger council, our finance needs are sometimes complex but nothing has been too much trouble for the team at Scribe. We use the Bookings and Accountancy packages and find both user friendly and excellent value for money. The online and in person support is second to none and practical advice and information is on hand 24 hours a day via the Scribe Academy"
December 2022 - Danielle
"I would thoroughly recommend Scribe to anyone. They are absolutely brilliant. The scribe package is great and makes my life so much easier. The staff are so very helpful and never mind how many times I ask the same question. They are so patient and will always make sure I am happy and understand their responses. Always available and always helpful.'
December 2022 - Sue

Simplicity and ease of use

Scribe Cemetery simplifies cemetery management by digitising grave records, contact details, death records, exclusive rights information, grave digging procedures, and more. It also makes it easy to import historical records, ensuring a smooth transition from paper-based systems.

Integrated Workflow & Collaboration

Manage the full life cycle of a plot, exclusive right to burial. Our software also features intuitive mapping for easy site, plot, and memorial identification. Effectively manage inspections, complete with due dates, condition reports, and the ability to attach photos. Its integrated invoicing and payment tracking system simplifies the financial aspect of cemetery management.

Security and Compliance

Our software is hosted in AWS London, ensuring compliance with UK and EU data protection regulations. With features like data encryption, record change history, daily backups, and two-factor authentication, we ensure your data remains secure and compliant.
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Why Users Choose Scribe

Users choose Scribe for its user-friendly interface, comprehensive feature set, and the efficiencies it brings to their daily tasks. Scribe empowers users to handle complex cemetery administration with ease and confidence.

Bid farewell to cumbersome, paper-based records. Scribe Cemetery's digital platform allows you to easily manage comprehensive records for plots, burials, cremations, memorials, and exclusive rights. No more misplaced or damaged files - your data is safe and easily accessible.
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Why Decision Makers Choose Scribe

Decision makers choose Scribe for its robust capabilities, top-notch security, and world-class customer support. They appreciate the value it brings in streamlining operations, ensuring data integrity and compliance, and the cost-effectiveness it provides with no additional user licence fees.
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Delivering Ease and Excellence

01. Comprehensive Records Management:

Keep detailed records of plots, burials, cremations, ashes, memorials, and exclusive rights, all in one place. Never lose track of vital information.

02. Industry-Specific Workflows

compliant workflows related to exclusive rights, memorials, grave digging, date tracking, green forms etc.

03. Inspections

Manage grave and memorial inspections, trial digs, and condition checks effectively. Assign tasks, manage due dates, and attach photos, simplifying your inspection processes.

04. Invoicing and Payments

Keep track of invoicing and payment status, facilitating smoother financial operations and enhancing revenue tracking 

05. Mapping

Visualise your sites, plots, and memorials for efficient management and planning.

06. Reports

Generate key reports such as the Burial Register (including Public), Condition Report, Exclusive Rights, Memorials Management, Empty Plots, and Green Forms, providing valuable insights and helping maintain compliance.

07. Historical Records

Easily import historical records, ensuring a smooth transition and preserving past data.

08. Grave Management

Manage grave details including size, capacity, depth, and future possibilities. Record burial dates and track death certificates, simplifying your grave administration processes.

09. Contact Management

Keep a record of applications, agents, and deceased individuals, making communication more efficient.

10. Death Record Keeping

Keep accurate records of green forms, age (including stillborn), date of death, notifications, and funeral dates, ensuring compliance and accuracy.

11. Exclusive Rights Management

Handle assignments, cancellations, transfers, shared graves, and deeds of grants effectively.

12. Grave Digging Management

Record details of ashes, contractors, preparations, interment and disinterments, providing a clear audit trail.

13. Calendar Management

Keep track of burial dates and other key events, ensuring you never miss an important date.

14. Memorials Management

Keep track of permits, personalisation, contractors, foundations, plantings, and removals, providing a comprehensive memorial management solution.

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