The Power to Manage Town & Parish Accounts

Run compliant Town & Parish accounts from the office or home. Easy to use, cloud based, multi-user, 1-click reporting and Making Tax Digital VAT.

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See how Francesca uses Scribe to save 8+ hours/month and accounting headaches & impresses councillors with pro reports – View Case Study >>

“The Internal Auditor will love you, your Councillors will love you, the VAT man will have no issues, you’ll be able to sleep at night!”

…I love the way that every month I just click a couple of buttons that produce a complete report that I can give to the Councillors along with a lovely tidy Bank Reconciliation”

Francesca Pridding – Town Clerk, Tywyn Town Council |Read Francesca’s full case study here

Built For Councils, Not Businesses

Most accounts software is designed for businesses with Profit and Loss accounts. This means there are complicated ledgers that are unnecessary for councils, and you can't produce the reports you need to meet your statutory obligations.

Many councils find using these packages difficult, so stick to Excel spreadsheets, but this has no audit trail and requires time to be spent on producing manual reports.

Scribe Accounts is a budget-led accounts package, purpose built for Town and Parish councils, designed to make it easy to produce compliant council accounts.

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  • Purpose built for Town and Parish Councils
  • Automatic creation of required reports
  • Fully compliant with regulatory requirements

Works on any device

Scribe's new web version is available for the 2019 financial year - allowing you to access Scribe through the web on your Mac, PC, smart-phone or tablet.

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Easy Data Entry, Reconciliation & Reporting

Scribe is a full receipts and payments accounts system which includes an option to convert at year end to income and expenditure accounts with a balance sheet.

Adding your payments and receipts into Scribe is simple, and quick. All the data you add is immediately available for bank reconciliation and reporting.

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We'll make sure you are fully trained!

Easy to Use

Because Scribe is built purely for councils, there are no complicated unnecessary features to navigate.

UK Support Team

We provide tutorials, webinars and access to our Support Team by phone and email, so you'll never be on your own!

Fully Compliant

Using Scribe will ensure your accounts process is fully compliant, without the headache of producing last minute manual reports.

Scribe is so user friendly, it guides you through everything and has the ability to produce every report you would need as a Town Clerk. I no longer use any external resources to produce end of year accounts, Scribe does everything for you and populates the Annual Return. The Support staff at Scribe are really helpful and have helped me resolve any queries.”

Sue Piergianni, Clerk – Whittlesey Town Council

Everything You Need to Organise Your Councils Accounts Quickly & Easily, So You Can Focus on Helping Your Community

No more hand-written ledgers

No more complex spreadsheets

No more hassles & headaches

Introducing Scribe

Would you like to see how Scribe works? This two-minute video highlights the benefits of Scribe

the poster frame - in the form of a button to make it keyboard accessible

Features Perfect For Town and Parish Clerks

Scribe makes your daily accounting easier, and your monthly and annual reporting effortless.

Budget Profiling

Produce a budget profile, and then report on your actual year to date spending verses your initial estimates. View where you are underspending and overspending against your budget.

Detailed Bank Reconciliation

Ensure that the reality of your bank account matches your accounting records, by using our bank reconciliation functionality to ensure all transactions are accounted for.

Audit Trail

Sometimes with multiple users adding accounting records, it's necessary to understand how and why changes were made. The journal audit trail ensures you can always review any changes made to your accounts.

VAT Returns

Scribe can help you with all of your VAT reporting requirements. You are able to pull up a summary of your input and output VAT at any time, and can also generate the VAT Form 100 and Form 126.

Reporting to Council

No extra work is required to produce reports for your councillors. By using Scribe for your daily accounts, your monthly council reports are automatically generated at the touch of a button.

Year End Statements

Producing your Year End Statement will never be easier. All of the work has already been done for you, with just a few clicks your report will be generated.

Making Tax Digital

Scribe is recognised by HMRC as ready for the Making-Tax-Digital (MTD) changes in FY 2019. Scribe allows you to submit your VAT returns directly to HMRC.

Web Scribe - Available For 2019

Scribe's new web version is available for the 2019 financial year - allowing you to access Scribe through the web on your Mac, PC, smart-phone or tablet.

Professional Services

Our Professional Services Team can perform accounts work on your behalf, from helping with reconciliation to data entry.

Simple Pricing, Based on Council Size

Our pricing is based upon your council's income, making Scribe affordable even for the smallest of councils.

“For somebody without a finance background it is a godsend. It is logical and easy to use.”

Liz Shayler, Clerk – Banwell Parish Council

* Reduced pricing now available for Councils with income under £10,000!

Councils with income up to £25K

From £257Yearly

  • Unlimited Usage of Scribe Accounts
  • Over 30 Council specific reports
  • Full Training & On-boarding
  • Phone & Email Support
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Meet The Scribe Support Team


Jane Dafforn

Customer Support


Hannah Driver

Support Accountant


Jade Hodds

Account Executive

Scribe Accounts is trusted by hundreds of councils and is recognised by HMRC as supporting Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT

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