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Streamline your Parish or Town Council finances

Seamlessly manage transactions, year-end processes, budgeting, tax, and more with our user-friendly, purpose-built software solution for local councils.
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Making the transition from
traditional to digital effortless

Scribe Accounts is a purpose-built software that unlocks digital transformation for parish, town, and community councils.

We've designed it with a user-friendly interface that even the most tech-naive can navigate with ease. It serves as a comprehensive financial management suite, helping you conduct transactions, manage year-end processes, undertake bank reconciliations, fulfil Making Tax Digital requirements, and streamline budgeting & forecasting.

Boost your productivity with seamless integration into other Scribe products and services like allotments, venue bookings, and cemetery management. Moreover, you can trust our top-tier support team to guide you through every step.
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"Really great company, excellent customer service, query handling, expertise and speedy support whenever requested. We use the accounts, cemetery and allotment packages, we're satisfied and would definitely recommend Scribe."
February 2023 - Hannah
"I am using Scribe for Accounts and Cemetery and find the system very easy to use and information is easily found. The training and support is excellent and there's always someone to help with whatever type of query you have."
March 2023 - Clerk
"Both Parish Councils I clerk for use Scribe, it's fantastic! Easy to use, customer service is second to none, there is always a friendly voice on the end of the phone, and they will help with the most minor problem, or major! Training is excellent, with lots of workshops to help. Wouldn't use anyone else."
January 2023 - Angela
"First class response times from expert staff. No question is too silly and help is always on hand. I am offered zoom calls to help my understanding as a new customer and the teething troubles have been few and far between. I recommend SCRIBE at least once a week to fellow Clerks."
January 2023 - Addingham Parish Council
"As a larger council, our finance needs are sometimes complex but nothing has been too much trouble for the team at Scribe. We use the Bookings and Accountancy packages and find both user friendly and excellent value for money. The online and in person support is second to none and practical advice and information is on hand 24 hours a day via the Scribe Academy"
December 2022 - Danielle
"I would thoroughly recommend Scribe to anyone. They are absolutely brilliant. The scribe package is great and makes my life so much easier. The staff are so very helpful and never mind how many times I ask the same question. They are so patient and will always make sure I am happy and understand their responses. Always available and always helpful.'
December 2022 - Sue

Simplicity and ease of use

Scribe Accounts offers an intuitive user experience tailored to the needs of Clerks and RFOs. Its user-friendly interface, designed for those unfamiliar with complex tech systems, provides ease of transaction recording, reconciliations, invoicing, and more. The software is also web-based, allowing you to access your council's accounts from any device, anywhere. Continuous software upgrades ensure that the system remains easy to use and up-to-date

Integrated Workflow & Collaboration

Say goodbye to disjointed systems and hello to harmonised workflow processes across your team.Our software enables role-based access control, providing tailored access for Clerks, RFOs, and council members while maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of your data. With unlimited users, collaboration within your council is significantly facilitated. Shareable reports enable all users to access and understand important data, encouraging informed decision-making across the council. In addition, Scribe Accounts integrates seamlessly with our other offerings for managing Cemetery, Venue bookings and allotments.

Security and Compliance

Scribe Accounts ensures the utmost security and compliance for your council's financial management. Regular daily backups safeguard your data, while the full audit trail bolsters transparency and integrity. The freedom to export your data anytime ensures you're never locked in. Moreover, our software's compliance with Making Tax Digital (MTD) provides a hassle-free experience with VAT returns, reinforcing your council's adherence to financial regulations. With Scribe Accounts, you get a robust, secure system that's continuously updated to meet the latest compliance requirements.
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Why Clerks Choose Scribe

Clerks love Scribe Accounts for its intuitive interface that even the digitally naive can navigate with ease. Features like easy error correction, comprehensive bank reconciliations, and efficient year-end processes eliminate the hassle and time consumption of traditional methods. Continuous updates and improvements to the software, along with unlimited support and training, ensure a smooth user experience, empowering clerks to work more efficiently and effectively. If you want to find out about why clerks are choosing Scribe over Rialtas, then read this
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Why Councillors Choose Scribe

Councillors appreciate the transparency, accuracy, and comprehensive reporting capabilities of Scribe Accounts. As decision-makers, they find the advanced budgeting and forecasting tool invaluable in making informed financial decisions for the council. The software’s robust security features and compliance with Making Tax Digital add to their peace of mind. No long-term contract lock-ins and the ease of exporting data enhance their trust in our solutions. Need help? Read this:
‚ÄćNavigatincg the Selection of Financial Software for Parish and Town Councils.
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Everything you Need.
Nothing you Don't.

01. Easy Transaction Management

Quickly add transactions to your receipt and payment cost centres, and make necessary amendments with a full audit trail. Ensuring accuracy and saving time.

02. Comprehensive Bank Reconciliations

Save precious hours with our comprehensive bank reconciliation feature, significantly reducing the complexity of your financial operations.

03. Efficient Reserves Management

Stay in control of your financial reserves with our efficient management tool, enabling strategic financial decisions.

04. VAT Returns & Compliance

Automatically compatible with the Making Tax Digital portal, and ensures compliance with Section 137.

05. Invoicing & Purchase Order Generation

Streamline your invoicing process and manage purchase orders effectively.  Including converting to Receipt and Payment transactions. Helping you maintain excellent supplier relationships.

06. Strategic Budgeting & Forecasting

Tailor your financial reports and forecasts to meet your specific needs. Keep an eye on variances at the click of a button. Run your actuals vs budgets report to see any areas of over or underspend. Regular monitoring of the budget ensures you are complying with The Local Government Act 2003, Sections 28 and 29.

07. Customisable Reports

Obtain actionable insights with custom reports, empowering your council with data-driven decision-making capabilities.

08. One-Click AGAR

Streamline your year-end process with a one-click AGAR generation. No manual calculation of staff costs, other receipts and other payments, simply transactions that seamlessly feed into the correct Line. Ahh, bliss. See the prior year's annual return figures, with an indication of the boxes that require an explanation of variance.

09. Asset Register Maintenance

Keep track of all your council's assets in a single place. Record the date acquired, purchase value, location, estimated life, photos of the asset and more. Purchases of new assets throughout the year can be easily converted to an asset record, and assets can quickly be marked as disposed of when needed, automatically populating your AGAR Line 9.

10. Integrations

Streamline your invoicing process and manage purchase orders effectively.  Including converting to Receipt and Payment transactions. Helping you maintain excellent supplier relationships.

Amazing Features

Additional Benefits Included

Unlimited Users
Full Audit Trail
Two-Factor Authentication
Record Change History Log
Additional Security

Unlimited Training
Daily Backups
No Long-Term Contract Lock-ins
GDPR Compliant

Unlimited Support
Automatic Software Upgrades
Online Knowledgebase
Data Encryption
Centralised Contact Management

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