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Built for Parish, Town, District, County, Borough Councils and Allotment Societies. An intuitive, secure, and efficient solution for comprehensive plot management, tenancy agreements, invoicing, and more
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Making the transition from traditional to digital effortless

With Scribe Allotments, the management of allotments for Parish, Town, District, County, Borough Councils and Allotment Societies has never been easier. Our software is tailored to simplify plot management, seamlessly handle tenancy agreements, and provide intuitive invoicing and payment solutions. From automated fee calculation to detailed mapping and regular inspections, we've got you covered. Enjoy the added convenience of unlimited users, support, and upgrades, as well as top-tier security and compliance measures. The transition from paper-based systems to our innovative software and revolutionise the way you manage allotments.

Scribe Allotments transforms allotment management, addressing common challenges such as data mismanagement, inefficient manual processes, and poor tracking of invoices and payments. It also aids with maintaining accurate plot records, managing renewals, and easily handling tenancy agreements, thus enhancing operational efficiency and governance.
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"Really great company, excellent customer service, query handling, expertise and speedy support whenever requested. We use the accounts, cemetery and allotment packages, we're satisfied and would definitely recommend Scribe."
February 2023 - Hannah
"I am using Scribe for Accounts and Cemetery and find the system very easy to use and information is easily found. The training and support is excellent and there's always someone to help with whatever type of query you have."
March 2023 - Clerk
"Both Parish Councils I clerk for use Scribe, it's fantastic! Easy to use, customer service is second to none, there is always a friendly voice on the end of the phone, and they will help with the most minor problem, or major! Training is excellent, with lots of workshops to help. Wouldn't use anyone else."
January 2023 - Angela
"First class response times from expert staff. No question is too silly and help is always on hand. I am offered zoom calls to help my understanding as a new customer and the teething troubles have been few and far between. I recommend SCRIBE at least once a week to fellow Clerks."
January 2023 - Addingham Parish Council
"As a larger council, our finance needs are sometimes complex but nothing has been too much trouble for the team at Scribe. We use the Bookings and Accountancy packages and find both user friendly and excellent value for money. The online and in person support is second to none and practical advice and information is on hand 24 hours a day via the Scribe Academy"
December 2022 - Danielle
"I would thoroughly recommend Scribe to anyone. They are absolutely brilliant. The scribe package is great and makes my life so much easier. The staff are so very helpful and never mind how many times I ask the same question. They are so patient and will always make sure I am happy and understand their responses. Always available and always helpful.'
December 2022 - Sue

Simplicity and ease of use

Scribe Allotments is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, even for those who are new to digital solutions. Our interface simplifies complex tasks, offering features like automated fee calculation, customisable email templates, and a full-featured CRM. The software provides detailed yet easy-to-understand plot listings, tenancy renewals, and waiting list management. Moreover, With unlimited support and training, mastering Scribe Allotments is a breeze for any council or allotment society.

Integrated Workflow & Collaboration

Our software fosters enhanced collaboration through integrated workflows. Scribe Allotments enables a shared view of plot statuses, tenancy agreements, and invoicing information, ensuring everyone is on the same page. Notifications for inspections, notices and tenancy renewals ensure timely action and shared responsibility. Cross-device accessibility allows the user to collaborate effectively, whether they're in the office or on the go.

Security and Compliance

Security is at the forefront of Scribe Allotments. All data is hosted on AWS Infrastructure (ISO 27001 compliant) and stored in London, ensuring full compliance with UK and EU data protection regulations like GDPR & Data Protection Act (2018). Daily backups and a comprehensive audit trail further guarantee the safety of your information.
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Why Clerks and Allotment Managers Choose Scribe:

Clerks and Allotment Managers choose Scribe for its user-friendliness, streamlined workflows, and exceptional support. Our software simplifies tasks that traditionally take hours, freeing up time for more important duties. Scribe provides a complete solution for allotment management, reducing the need for multiple tools and paperwork. Plus, the available online knowledge base and videos, alongside top-notch customer support, make the transition to digital a smooth process.
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Why Councillors Choose Scribe:

Councillors choose Scribe for its commitment to transparency, accuracy, and compliance. With professional reports and superior auditing capabilities, Scribe Allotments provide the clarity needed to make informed decisions. Our software ensures full compliance with regulatory requirements and offers easy data exporting, assuring councillors that their council is in good hands.
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Delivering Ease and Excellence

01. Plot Management

Easily list plots, their sizes, and any additional services available.

02. Waiting List

Manage and streamline your waiting list process.

03. Tenancy Agreements

Create, track and manage tenancy agreements efficiently.

04. Invoicing and Payments

Sync seamlessly with our accounting package for efficient payment tracking.

05. Tenancy Renewals

Manage renewals on an annual basis or custom periods with ease.

06. Mapping

Visualise your allotments with mapping features.

07. Auto-Calculate Fees

Determine fixed fees or variable rates based on plot size.

08. Discounts

Easily add and apply discounts.

09. Additional Features Management

Manage plot features and rates, such as sheds or water supplies.

10. Emails and Templates

Send customised emails for waiting lists, tenants, inspections, and notices.

11. CRM

Maintain contact records and communication histories in one place.

12. Plot Inspections and Notices

Manage inspections and send notices with just a few clicks

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