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With Scribe you can:

1. Produce accounts simply - no more confusion!
2. Produce 27 reports with 1-Click
3. Reconcile bank accounts in 10 minutes
4. Make 1-Click AGAR reports
5. Save up to 10 hours per week
6. Have no more spreadsheet errors
7. Have transparency in your audit trail
8. Reduce accounting stress
9. Get quick telephone support

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Accountancy support included in all plans
Included in all plans

Awesome Accounts Support

Experts Waiting To Help You

Our customers tell us the thing they really like about Scribe is that they can speak to an accounts expert in a timely manner. That's why accounts support is included in all plans

Year-End Support

Scribe makes year-end a breeze, our team are always on hand should you have any questions

Remote Support

With your permission we can access your accounts remotely and find error and omissions quickly. There is no need for expensive consultants to visit your office saving your Council's budget.

Accounts Training Included

Unsure on how Council accounting works? No problem, we have online training and if that doesn't do the trick you can book in for personal one-2-one training with an accounting expert.

Simple To Follow Processes

We've got simple monthly processes which if you follow make your Council accounts a breeze. Our aim is to make your life easy and your Council efficient.

Friendly Support

We're always glad to help, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions about Scribe.

Frequently Asked Questions


How long are the contracts?

Commitment is annually, we don't have any long term contracts. So you can cancel after 1 year if you want, but normally our users just keep going as they love it.


Can I see a demo before deciding?

Sure! We would love the opportunity to show you how Scribe works and how it can help make your Council run seamlessly. Just click 'Request a Demo' and we will be in touch to arrange a suitable time for you.


Can I trial Scribe before paying?

Instead of trials we conduct full demonstrations where you can see the full functionality and work out if you think it will help you.


Why is web based (cloud) better than desktop software?

By 2028 80% of all software will be in the Cloud. This is because clients get a much better product which can keep getting better with web based delivery. No downloads, lost computers, or computer crashes to lose your accounts. When Amazon started online they had very few customers, but now the are the de facto way of purchasing. We believe Councils will go the same way and it is only a matter of time before all Councils run Cloud web based accounting.


Are there any hidden costs?

No. As your subscription includes the Scribe system and access to professional accounts support you know the price you will be be paying. This is enough for 99% of Clerks to be able to complete year-end without anyone else.


Do you offer further professional account support for complicated problems?

Yes. Sometimes a Clerk can find themselves in need of an accountant to solve complicated deep routed problems. For example when inheriting a badly set up books, or when something unexpected happens. In these cases we offer a Scribe professional qualified accountant on half-day or full day basis (£300/£500). This is cost effective as they will have with your permission direct access to your accounts remotely to solve your problem faster and cheaper than someone coming to your office.