Helping You Work From Home

With the Government advice to work from home we have been looking at ways how Scribe can assist you with remote working.

Scribe is already web based which means you can continue to access your Councils’ accounts from wherever you are, whenever you need. 

To allow others to also access Scribe and view the accounts during this isolation period we can also set up additional read only log ins for Councillors or Auditors temporarily at no extra cost. 

Please do contact us at [email protected] with the name and email address of the new user and make sure that your email is sent from the registered council email address so that we can identify you.

If you require temporary full access to the accounts to be given to an assistant or other member of the council to support or cover you during this time, this can also be arranged and you can contact us as outlined above to discuss. 

We Are Here To Help

Here at Scribe we are lucky enough to be able to “Keep Calm and Carry On” by continuing to offer support and advice to customers while working remotely ourselves.

We know it’s not that simple for some and so thought we’d share some of things we can do to help you at this difficult time as a customer of Scribe:

🙋‍♀️If you are working remotely and need additional logins for councillors or co workers just say so and we’ll give you extra temporary logins to your accounts database at no extra cost.

🌎Web Scribe can be accessed by anyone, wherever they are, whenever they need. If you need to be able to work remotely and are still using the desktop based Scribe let us know and we’ll take all of your historic data across asap for you to a new online account

☎️Meeting delayed so unable to make payment? Let us know. We’ll extend your licence free of charge until things return to normal.

Scribe – Support Update

We are sure that you have received lots of details over the last few days regarding COVID-19 updating you on business plans during this uncertain time and we just wanted to provide you with an update from the Scribe team.

Our whole team is now working from home and during this time we will be doing our very best to offer our usual level of service.  With year end looming our phone lines will be very busy but slightly more limited than usual so please bear with us and if possible use our web based helpdesk which can be reached at [email protected]

WE WILL get back to everyone that contacts us as soon as we can and appreciate your patience.

Keeping In Touch With Each Other

Don’t forget that our Local Council Clerks’ Community group is available on Facebook to share ideas, best practices and issues affecting clerks and councils at this difficult time.

We now have over 500 members and to join the group and see the latest topics being covered click here.

If you do not wish to join facebook we will be posting all relevant updates and information on this web blog so please do check in regularly.

Working From Home With Scribe

To ensure that you can access Scribe at all times please make sure that you are using our web based version which can be used on any device whether in the office or in the home.

Please click here to arrange an appointment to move your data over and a short telephone appointment to show you around the web based programme.

Create A product first!

Create a product first please!

Business as usual

We are operating as usual despite the current situation. We can perform setup and training remotely and are currently offering 3 months free access and same day account set up. Scribe accounts can be accessed from anywhere, on any device.